Longhorn Cattle

The Grace Dieu Herd was established in 1983 with the Burke Trophy Winner Champion Bull, ‘Eyebrook Richard’ and six cows purchased from Betty and Buddy Weiner of Windsor of the Honeywood Herd. At that time, Longhorns were still considered a rare breed in the UK and over the years, Frank and his family and brother Fred have followed and supported the development of the breed to the popularity it sustains today.


The Longhorn herd complement the undulating Welsh landscape as well as being reared for local butcher, N. S. James of Raglan, who consistently has a high demand for Longhorn beef. Also, Grace Dieu Bulls are often sold to local dairy and beef farmers for the purpose of cross breeding.


The Longhorns are an attractive looking breed and have formed part of authentic American Western style cattle round ups for entertainment complemented by the Grace Dieu Quarter Horses. The cattle also featured in a series filmed by famous comedian Rich Hall,  titled ‘Rich Hall’s Cattle Drive’ shown on BBC 4 in 2010.


We have always prided ourselves on our cattle and have won many a prestigious award, Parc Grace Dieu Longhorns are functional cattle bred in the old tradition using today’s ideas and technology. The blend of past and present is proof that Longhorns can fulfil the demands of today’s cattle market.


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